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# eduPanel

eduPanel is a e-learning platform to simply create e-learninig lessons, exams and contact with students. Every feature are listed below.

Welcome to eduPanel!

It is a great tool to create e-learning lessons and exam your students in your organisation. It provides a simple solution for many who wants to create e-learning conent and share with students, members of your organisation or employess. It has own installation script and based on popular MySQL database. 



Web server - ex. Apache, Nginx

PHP - minimum 8.x version

MySQL database



Clone repository below or download ZIP package on

Create MySQL database and note its credentials.

Import database.sql file to your MySQL database.

Copy .env.example file to folder 'secret', fill database credentials, hidden hash variable, correct frontedn app path, backend manage app path and rename it to .env filename.

That's it. 


Bugs, issues and suggestions

If you discover any bugs or issues with eduPanel, please inform me at pawelstempak(at)



The eduPanel is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


How does it looks like